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  • How do I get the lawyer assigned?
    Please send us the information required in the "Contact Us" form. We will review your request for legal services and if required will suggest time slots for a 15-minute introductory session to understand your query. Alternatively, you can request for a 15-minute introductory session on the page Consultation Request. This session will be free. Based on the information, you will be provided with a fee quote for the requested services. Upon payment receipt, a lawyer will be assigned to you. Please note that some requests may not require an introductory session and communications will be handled over emails.
  • How do I make payments?
    All payments will be done via secure payment gateway (PayPal). You will get a receipt for the amount paid to VirtualLawyer365. All payments are non-refundable.
  • How do I send documents?
    Documents will be exchanged via email. Documents requiring signature will be secured via Docusign for added security. Documents containing confidential information will be password protected at your specific written request. In this case, a separate password email will be sent to you.
  • Can I schedule a video conference directly?
    As part of the consultation request, you can request a time slot. Once the request is approved, you will receive the video confernece information.
  • Is assistance with legal services available in any other country?
    At this time, we are providing assistance with legal services in India. However, we are working on providing similar services in other countries as well. This information will be sent to your email as part of a newsletter or otherwise will be updated on this Website.
  • Is there an exception to the legal services offered?
    Presently we only provide the services listed on this Website. All other areas of law such as criminal, consumer, labour, taxation, matrimonial, patents etc., are not being serviced by us.
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